Monday, March 31, 2014

March Wrap-Up

Y'all, March has already come and gone! I can't believe we have already flown through a third of 2014. I have so many fun things coming up later in the year, and I guess my anxiousness to get to vacation and moving and finishing school is making this year fly by.

March in One Word: Hectic!

My Favorite Memories in March 2014:
  • Having Jeromy in Lafayette for the entire month! I can't wait until he's back in Lafayette permanently!
  • Catching up with old friends and family at Margaret's wedding shower
  • Having a few days off for Mardi Gras, even if I spent it with a head cold
  • Learning a new card game with Jeromy, Abby, and Jordan
  • Celebrating Simone's day of birth with a surprise party!
  • Celebrating spring with a BBQ
Books I Read this Month:
(No reviews this month--I know, I know! But I didn't feel the need to write a review for these novels, as they were second in a series, not super awesome, or nonfiction.)
  • Hollow City by Ransom Riggs (#2 in Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children series)
  • Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri
  • I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai
In Case You Missed It:
  • My new job and apologies for my terrible lack of postings this month.
  • Divergent. Yes.
Favorite Posts from the Month:
  • "There's No Set Path to Success" - Elite Daily - This wonderful article shows that the path to success is not always finding a steady job and working your way up the ladder. Sometimes, people get sidetracked or come up with a brilliant idea when they are 40. (John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola when he was 55!) Read this article.
  • "Single Lady" - APW - While I am not a single lady, this article resonated with me in so many ways, and made me think of so many of my beautiful, talented friends who aren't in a relationship. Beautiful article.
  • "Girl Power: Books for Bold Women" - New York Public Library - Because, of course. Speak is the only one I have read so far, which sorta shames me since there are some classics on this list.
  • "All the Things I Haven't Done (Yet)" - APW - This whole article is just... everything. It's everything I thought when Jer and I started dating, and it's everything I think now. Whew.
Songs that were Popular on my iPod: 
(You can blame my mom for those first two!)

New Obsessions:
  • Yoga! I have slowly started to skip all of my other workout classes in favor of yoga three times a week. And now I'm obsessed a bit.
  • Jimmy John's. I refuse to reveal just how often I've had them deliver a sandwich to my office.
  • Home decor. Because of my new job, of course.
3 Things I'm Sad to See Go with March:
  • My last days of being 24.
  • My Samsung Galaxy S4. It dove into the water and I'm back to having an iPhone.
  • The easiest part of my semester. High gear from here on out!
3 Things I'm Looking Forward to in April:
  • Easter break!
  • Boiled crawfish with the family
  • My birthday.. sigh.
Favorite Quote from a Book I Read this Month:

“We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.”
― Malala Yousafzai, I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why Every Young Girl Should See Divergent

This year will be a spectacular year for us book nerds who can't wait to see their favorite books come to life. With The Fault in Our Stars coming out on June 6th (!!!!!), and The Giver just releasing its first trailer for the movie, I am anxiously awaiting all of the fun and excitement of seeing my favorite books on screen.

Divergent kicked off my year of Must Sees on Thursday, and, of course, I was there two hours early. This novel, for those of you who haven't read it, features a super unique world in which people are divided into "factions" based on the 5 characteristics that the founders of this world decided would be important for maintaining a thriving society: Bravery (Dauntless), Kindness (Amity), Selflessness (Abnegation), Truthfulness (Candor), and Wisdom (Erudite). These factions each have their own roles in running the city, with Abnegation being heads of the government and Dauntless providing the police force.

 (For the record, I would totally be Erudite. Don't judge me.)

Tris, the main character, is Divergent. This means she is not meant to be placed in just one faction. It also means that she cannot be controlled by serums. When she transfers from Abnegation to Dauntless, she throws caution to the wind and embraces her truest self. So, as you can see, this book has all of my qualifications for REALLY AWESOME BOOK. I started it and finished it in New York City, which is a really big deal considering I was choosing to spend the afternoon in our little apartment reading over exploring the awesome city. It was that good.

The movie, however, took the novel to a whole new level. (And yes, Four is very, VERY attractive.) While the novel was excellent in its writing style and imagination of this new world, the movie took the novel and made it REAL. The actors were INSANEAWESOME in that they made me feel all of the feels. I do not say this lightly. It takes a lot for me to truly get into a movie; it takes even more to make me cry. But my goodness, did I cry. And laugh. And cheer. Whew.

The best part of the movie, truthfully, was that Tris is just a kickass girl. And no one acknowledges the girl part. NOT ONCE. Even throughout the Dauntless training, which, in the novel, is the hardest part for Tris to get through mentally and physically, no one mentions that she is a girl and that she can't possibly be as good as the boys. Dauntless initiates are ranked by their skills, not their gender.

This truly blew my mind.

I guess in the novel, I never realized just how hard Veronica Roth worked to leave Tris's gender out of it. I'm used to reading novels with strong heroines. But on the screen... Well, it's just not something you see everyday. The fact that she could be feminine AND strong made me cheer! Finally, a great female role model for girls.

Tris is such a real character. She struggles with her family ties vs. who she wants to be. She questions herself daily. She has fierce goals. She is determined to succeed, no matter the difficulties (or the bullet in her arm...). She grieves over the loss of her family. She falls in love. She fights the most powerful woman in her city, and she wins.

The most powerful scene in this movie (and, really, any movie that I can think of at the moment) is when Tris and her mother are fighting side-by-side. They both acknowledge each other as equals, as women, as powerful human beings. They fight for each other, and they sacrifice for each other. The bond between them is honest and strong. You can feel the love and the connection and the fierce will to protect the other. In the novel, I was sad that her mom died and proud of Tris. In the movie, I cried and I cheered out loud.

(We won't mention the amount of times I said "You go girl!" during this movie.)

I cannot say enough about the strength of women portrayed in this movie. Every mother should bring her daughter to see this movie, to show that women can fall in love and be feminine, while still kicking butt and saving the day.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014



I'll say it again.


I know, I know! It's been two weeks since I've blogged on here. That's crazy. These last two weeks have been ridiculous. Mardi Gras, head cold, midterms, teachers wanting me to do EVERYTHING, oh, and starting a new job.... Well it's all added up to hectic days and sleepless nights and not a lot of brain space to think about anything but school and cats.

Yep. I did mention a new job.

In an effort to keep pursuing my New Years Resolutions, I've been really thinking about careers. As in, I am not allowing myself to go ADD and distract myself with cat gifs whenever I start thinking about The Future. The Future is starting THIS YEAR. I'm graduating in 9 months. It's time I stop playing around and start getting down to business with my plans.

The problem is, I've never actually had to look for a job before. Nearly every job that I have had graciously landed in my lap through friends, family, or a well-placed email. So the idea of making a concentrated effort of going on job posting sites (*shiver*) and submitting my resume to a bunch of big companies kind of terrifies me.

Luckily, along came a well-placed email right when I was starting to dread The Future, and right when my bank account was starting to cry. I received an email from the MBA office at UL, saying that there was a new furniture company in town called The Mix Furniture & Finds that was looking for a Social Media and Blogging Specialist. Check and check. It's part-time, which means I can keep my GA position, and I work from home (or Johnston Street Java) (or Barnes and Noble) (or my bed). So I checked it out, and y'all, this company is CUTE. They hand-pick furniture and decor from small or local vendors, then sell these pieces on their website. And this website is all about mixing things up. It aims to teach people how to create unique and chic looks in their homes by mixing styles, colors, and patterns.

Basically, I get paid to Pinterest and blog, which is pretty much all I was doing in my free time anyway... I just get paid for it now. Plus the experience is awesome. I'm learning so many things about advertising on social media and creating value for customers. Even though I'm just getting started, I am enjoying it a lot.

You can check out the blog, Living in Motion. I update it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with tips and tricks for home decor.

(But Emily, you know nothing about home decor!)

I'm learning! And I love it!

Pursuing knowledge. Pursing career opportunities. I'd say I'm staying on track with my New Years Resolutions!