Sunday, July 5, 2015

Spring Wrap-Up

Oops.. I might have been slacking on the blogging, but I really miss these wrap-up posts. They are a way for me to keep my life organized, and help me look back on my year. (Also, it helps me remember all of the books I read, which, alas, hasn't been many lately.)

Spring in One Word: Work

My Favorite Memories in April, May, and June 2015:
  • Celebrating turning 26 with my sister-in-law at her bachelorette party
  • Tax season finishing
  • Having too much fun at Festival Internationale
  • Baby Caddox being born!
  • Getting the pup fixed
  • Spending the weekend in the hospital with mom and dad
  • Wrapping up the school year
  • Performing in a lip sync battle at school against the students (Shake It Off, and we didn't win... Whomp whomp)
  • My little brother getting MARRIED
  • One week in the dorms at LSU for cheer camp
  • Putting a deposit in on our wedding venue!
  • One week feeling inspired at the Ernest J. Gaines Teaching Institute
  • One week in Austin for iPadpalooza learning so much! (Can you tell June was a busy one?) 
Books I Read this Spring: 
Articles from Around the Web:

3 Things I'm Looking Forward to in July:
  • Lots of babysitting and professional development time
  • Setting up my classroom and preparing my lessons for August
  • Soaking up the last bit of summer that I can get (including two weekend trips to see far away friends!)
Favorite Quote from a Book I Read this Month:

“They had chosen to make the leap and, having leapt, were delighted to find that the world was even more beautiful than they’d hoped.” 
― Emma StraubThe Vacationers

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